System liniowy



Ultra compact size, low weight
 BMS 4" Neodymium Planar Wave Driver (Patent Pending)
 Two BMS 5" neodymium ultra low distortion woofers
 Wide horizontal coverage of 110˚
 High efficiency
 Full-range capability
 Integrated rigging system for flown or ground-stacked
 The LA4 is an ultra compact, two-way full range line array
 system, designed for an wide range of venues where high
 fidelity sound and outstanding intelligibility is required.
 The system contains two BMS 5" neodymium ultra low 
 distortion cone speakers and a BMS 4510ND, 4" neodymium
 planar wave driver. The systems are designed to be used
 in multiples with a minimal configuration of four.
 Up to 40 units can be used to achieve extreme high levels
 needed for larger venues. An optional LA4-SUB or LA5A-SUB
 can be added for increased low frequency response.
 The integrated rigging system allows quick and easy
 flying or ground stacking. Arrays may be build straight
 or curved in various angular to obtain the desired vertical
 coverage. The fact that the LA4 is ultra compact and light
 reduces manpower and transport. When coupled with 
 LA4-SUB or LA5A-SUB the LA4 gives audio companies 
 a flexible, plug and play system for an wide range 
 of applications from the smallest venue to a concert-level
 (single enclousure) :
 Type:    2-way full range
 Application:    Line Array
 Frequency response:    60Hz - 20kHz (-3dB)
 Power handling AES    250 W
 Sensitivity Low:    94dB
 Max SPL peak Low:    124dB
 Sensitivity High :    113dB
 Max SPL peak High:    142dB
 Dispersion:    110o x 10o
 Low frequency :    2 x BMS 5" neodymium woofers
 1,5" (38mm) voice coil, 125 W (AES)
 High frequency:    1 x BMS 4" neodymium planer wave
 1,75" (44,4mm) voice coil 80 W (AES)
 Crossover point:    1300 Hz, passive
 Nominal impedance:    16Ω
 Input connectors:     2 x Neutrick™ NL4MP
 Enclosure shape:    10o horizontal trapezoid
 Enclosure material:    Baltic birch plywood
 Finish:    Black textured paint
 Flying Hardware:    included
 Dimensions:    480 x 150 x 320 mm (included
 Net wieght :    9 kg
 - Arenas
 - Convention Centers
 - Large Ballrooms
 - Theatres
 - Music Pavilions
 - Auditoriums


Frequency Response (-3dB)
Max. Coverage
(-6dB points)
Maximum Peak Output
 1.Enclosure    60 - 20000 Hz    110o x 10o    124dB
 4.Enclosures    60 - 20000 Hz    110o x 40o    130dB
 8.Enclosures    58 - 20000 Hz    110o x 60o    136dB