2-way line array
Theaters , arenas, open air concerts


Frequency response:
Power handling RMS:
(AES) H 160W / L-MF 560W
Program power:
HF 300W / L-MF 800W
Sesitivity SPL:
HF 114dB/LF 98dB
2 x 8" / 2" VC + 2 x 4"x1" / 1,75" VC
2xNeutrik NL4MP
15 kg
16Ω / 16Ω ( possible 8Ω/8Ω)
Dimensions (HxWxD):
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SLA 208M ND is the most compact of the concert series of POL-AUDIO line arrays. Its task is to provide high quality sound while maintaining the discreet nature of the sound system. It is remarkably powerful for its size and weight (15.5 kg).

Each module of the SLA 208M ND line array is equipped with:

  • 2 x 8”/ 280W (AES) / 98.5dB SPL speaker
  • 2 x 4” / 80W (AES) / 114dB SPL planar speaker

Owing to its discreet nature, the array is ideally suited for all kinds of cultural facilities such as: theatres, small venues or as a mobile system for sound system companies. Its biggest advantage is fast and easy installation and small size and weight,  making transport much easier.


SLA 208M ND to system ultra lekki i kompaktowy



One of the main advantages of the system is the variable horizontal dispersion (for the HF drivers) which can be adapted to the requirements of the venue. This is due to the replaceable “fins” on the speaker front.

Each model comes complete with two sets of interchangeable parts (30 and 60 degrees separately for the left and right side) to be placed under the front grille. The possible horizontal dispersion configurations are 60 (30+30) and 120 (60+60) degrees.



SLA 208M ND to system ultra lekki i kompaktowy


The planar drivers used in SLA 208M ND are transducers dedicated for linear arrays. The use of this type of driver eliminates phase differences at transducer outlet, within a single module.

The 8” drivers are equipped with highly efficient and powerful neodymium magnets. Despite their low weight, they have excellent heat exchange handling, thus protecting the drivers from overheating. The models used have a very high power-to-weight ratio while maintaining the highest sound quality. A special manufacturing process makes the membranes resistant to moisture without any significant impact on the weight. The speaker enclosure was made of plywood and covered with structural paint. Therefore, the system can work even in severe weather conditions. The speaker front is protected by a steel grille and acoustically neutral sponge.



Rigging System

The SLA 208M ND rigging system is made up of three mounting points (two in front and one in the middle of the back). With this configuration, the weight of a single module could be reduced as much as possible. For transport, the array is placed in cases (4 modules in each case). After removing the top cover of the case, just drive the 4-module segment to under the rigging point and simply hook the top loudspeaker to the frame.

The holes in the suspension system are marked with values of the angles you get after placing the locking pin in their rear mounting rail. The angle of deviation from the loudspeaker axis, between the successive modules, is set in the range of 0 to 12 degrees (in steps of one degree). The frame for the SLA 208M ND array allows it to be suspended from the structure or positioned on a base (e.g. a cluster of bass loudspeakers), using the frame as a base for an array of loudspeakers.

An optional accessory for the SLA 208M ND array is a frame that allow the system to be mounted on a stand.