Set 1 "small club" (up to 40m^2)

complete sound system
small clubs, community centres


AES power:
4 x SAT 108-250 AH / BP 215 ND / POWERSOFT M 14D / POWERSOFT M 20D / XILICA XA 2040
Set 1 "small club" (up to 40m^2)


Complete sound system ( columns and amplifiers ). Cofigured to provide best possible sound qulity. System intended for small clubs with area up to 40m^2 ( assuming that room is in approximation a squere ).


Set RMS power is 800W for low frequency section and 900W for high-med frequency section. Four pieces of sattelites makes it easy to adjust sound coverage to room requirements.


Set elements list:

Aplifiers are chosen to provide best possible performance.



Set price without discount. 


On customer wish we can cofigure the set with amplifiers other then chosen by us.