Touring set (up to 1000 people)

stage sound system
events up to 1000 people


AES power:
2 x SAT212CX2" / 4 x TP 118 / POWERSOFT M20D / POWERSOFT K3 / XILICA XP4080
Touring set (up to 1000 people)


Complete sound system ( columns and amplifiers ). Cofigured to provide best possible sound qulity. System intended for events up to 1000 people.


Set RMS power is 4200W for low frequency section and 1600W for high-med frequency section. Suitable for big events.

Set elements list: 



 Aplifiers are chosen to provide best possible performance. 


Set price without discount. 


The set includes wiring (cable 2 x 2,5mm2

(2 x 15m NL2 - NL2, 2 x 10 m NL2 - NL2, 4 x 1m NL2 - NL2)


On customer wish we can cofigure the set with amplifiers other then chosen by us.