Line array set (SLA112/TP118)

line array type stage sound system
arenas, clubs, open air concerts


AES power:
6 x SLA112 / 6 x TP118 /2x POWERSOFT M20D / 2x POWERSOFT M30D / 2xPOWERSOFT K3 / XILICA XP 4080
Line array set (SLA112/TP118)


Complete front sound system.


Elements : 3 x POL-AUDIO SLA 112 + 3 x POL-AUDIO TP118 on each side (6 x SLA 112 + 6 x TP 118 in total) , 2x rigging frames ( for flying or seting 'upside down'  on elevation or subwoofers )


Set cofiguration ensures high quality of sound. Intended for events up to 1000 participants.


Set elements list:



Aplifiers are chosen to provide best possible performance.


Set price without discount. 


On customer wish we can cofigure the set with amplifiers other then chosen by us.