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You can download GLL libraries for our concert line array systems from SLA series from our new forum.

Summary of 2015!

Summary of 2015!

What we did in 2015! New products, tests and changes in general...

Youth Meeting Lednica 2000

Youth Meeting Lednica 2000

The Poland-wide Youth Meeting Lednica 2000 (known as Lednica) is a major annual gathering of Polish Catholic youth.



Eighteen Sound R-KIT price list change.


New price list of Eighteen Sound spare parts, available here:    

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Summary of 2015!


 Check out our summary of past 2015 year! New products, tests and more:

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New installation systems


New version of SAT series for installations in production soon! 

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NEW SUBBAS TV 118-1000!


Click here to find more details.

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Check POL-AUDIO new pricelist here .

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Installation systems - new SAT models!

In places where sound is an important element, system that provides high fidelity is worth considering. New models of SAT series are a perfect choice for such places. Low weight and size, aesthetic shape and attractive price are just what makes them so versatile. Some example applications of new SAT series models are : dance schools, cinemas, auditories, small discos and clubs. For more details see more...




Line array systems - SLA series

Every company providing professional services of any kind, need professional tools. SLA is a series of passive line array modules, constructed with highest quality speakers and components. Aware of market needs, Leszek Polanowski (main constructor and owner of POL-AUDIO company ), not only pushed SLA models to the limit of efficiency but also intended them for maximum versatility. SLA models are ideal combination of ultra high fidelity sound, efficiency, versatility and economical price.

Keeping in mind that different size of touring companies means different needs we introduced three models of line array modules : SLA 208M ND for maximum mobility, SLA 112 for maximum versatility and SLA 210 CX ND for maximum efficiency.  



Sound systems sets


In systems category you will find list of 'plug&play' sound systems. Depending on intended application different system should be applied.

DJ 2000 set is a perfect choice for djs and bands. It can be transported in a trunk of a small car(3 in 1 transport system) , easy and time-saving set up makes it extremely mobile. You can pick DJ2000 with or without amplifier.

For small and middle size touring companies we present a wide range of diverse systems. From small ( up to 300 people ) to medium ( up to 1000 people ) or even small line array system. If installation sound systems is what you seek, systems category is also good place to start searching. Example systems for clubs, pubs and discos are included there. 






You need to rent big system ?