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POL-AUDIO is ready to provide a broad variety of audio services, basing on its state-of- the-art amplifying systems with professional broadcasting devices available world-wide. Thus, we are available to provide audio arrangements for any event, irrespective of size, starting from banquets for hundreds of guests, through fashion shows, sports events (Boxing Gala, Champions League), electronic music events (Sunrise with Ekwador 2003-2005, Viva Beach Party 2004 - 2005, ATB - Poznan 2005, Tiesto - Wroclaw 2005, Armin Van Buuren   2006, Creamfields Poland 2006), festivals (Konin, FAMA, Rock Festival in Węgorzewo and Love Parade Berlin 2002), air shows (Góraszka, Dęblin, Gdynia and Radom), and ending with religious meetings which gathered tens of thousands of believers (Lednica, Papal visits to Poland and Ukraine; the meeting in Lvov attracted 1.5 million of participants). We have   provided sound service at events with the participation of state leaders, such as the visit by U.S. President Bill Clinton in Warsaw, the March of the Living in Auschwitz, the White Eagle Ball   in Vienna, and we also provide comprehensive services for concert tours of groups such as Acid Drinkers, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Big Cyc, DeMono, Republika, Wilki, Lady Pank, O.N.A.,   Urszula, Perfect and many others. We have also worked for foreign stars performing in Poland,   including Joe Cocker, Skooter, Tic-Tac-Toe, Madradeus, Chuck Mangione, Gwyn Ashton.
Our total power at the disposal of our customers is about 200 kW RMS. We are also ready to provide in-house sound systems, installation included, for various venues such as discos, clubs, sports centres, churches etc. Our sound systems are working in most popular and well known clubs and discos in Poland.