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POL-AUDIO Leszek Polanowski
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About us

I have always been attracted to electronic engineering and music. Since I remember, I have kept constructing amateur devices to process sound and amplify it well enough to reach a broad audience. My dreams began turning into reality when I enrolled in the Department of Electronics at the Wrocław Technical University. Soon afterwards, but almost twenty-five years ago, I started to operate on the music market and I thought about developing my own brand. In the result, I created POL-AUDIO, a project which I have been pursuing consistently since then. The company has undergone gradual development for the past 15 years. In the meantime, we moved to larger offices, our team grew, the production increased and we began to offer a broader range of services. Moreover, which is much more important, we gained quite large practical experience which we use in designing new models, striving to get as close to perfection as we may. In the result of its clearly noticeable evolution, POL-AUDIO has been now working with leading music stars from Poland and abroad, and has developed partnership with managers of various events which are of totally different character, but nevertheless also require professional sound processing and arrangement. 


POL-AUDIO never stands still, but resolutely follows international trends and technical developments ready to satisfy its own ambitions and requirements of its customers. We strive for high quality and reliability and these qualities have won the confidence of our customers. This site will, hopefully, present to you my fascinations and company operations. However, if you would like to get a direct idea of the sound power we are able to provide, you are welcome to participate in events or celebrations which we service.


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Leszek Polanowski, M. Eng.