Noise gates(4)



 - Four Noise Gate sections for operation as Quad/Dual-Stereo or mixed modes.
 - Large gate activity LEDs and Gain Reduction Bargraphs.
 - State of the art VCA´s for superb, no compromise sound transparency.
 - HPF & LPF side chain filters/Monitor switches for precise gating.
 - Fast and Automatic Attack times selection.
 - All four sections incorporate By-Pass switches for easy Operation.
 - Balanced Inputs/Outputs by XLR and 1/4" JACKS.
 - Universal Power Supply Voltage selection.
 The Altair NG-440 incorporates in a compact unit, four identical full-featured Noise Gate
 sections. The device consists basically in an open-close switch activated by a user
 selectable Threshold level. Both open-close transition and background noises in SHUT
 state are optimised to guarantee a transparent clickfree operation for High End
 Professional Audio applications.
 Stereo switches between Sections 1-2 and Sections 3-4 adapts the unit to Quad,
 Dual/Stereo or mixed program materials by tracking gate timing and Gain Reduction
 parameters from both channels at a time, from CH-1 panel controls only. This ensures
 that both gates are opened and closed simultaneously avoiding Stereo Image loss.
 Dedicated filters are provided to Trigger the gate, only by the desired instrument
 avoiding false gating. Test monitoring of the filtered signal is available to set-up the gate
 effect by ear. Front panel Attack and Release time parameters are included for optimal
 sound reconstruction or for special effects creations. Background stage noises are easily
 removed enhancing instrument control and mixing operation.
 Spatial image of the sounds becomes more noticeable. Applications include sound
 reinforcement, drum or vocal gating, studio mic processing and effectively,
 noise reduction for almost any audio signal path, by way of expanding the dynamic
 Ease of operation, compact size, and full specs converge in the Altair NG-440 to make it
 a new member of your effects processing rack.
 Technical Data:    
 Inputs:    Electronically Balancd by XLR/ 1/4" Jack,
 Impedance/Level 20 KΩ, 0 dBu nominal,
 Max Vin +24 dBu
 Outputs:    Electronically Balanced
  and Floating by XLR/ 1/4" Jack
 Impedance/Level 100 Ω, 0 dBu nominal,
  Max Vout +24 dBu
 Frequency response:    20 Hz - 40 KHz (+0, -0,5 dB)
 Distortion:    THD+N: < 0,03% @ 0 dBu (20 Hz - 20 KHz)
 IMD:      < 0,03% @ 0 dBu (20 Hz - 20 KHz)
 Interchannel crosstalk:    Better than 80 dB (20 Hz - 20 KHz)
 CMRR:    Better than 60 dB (20 Hz - 20 KHz)
 Output noise:    Better than -96 dBu U/W, Unity gain,
  Gate in By-Pass
 Better than -98 dB U/W, Unity gain,
  Gate in SHUT state
 Detector filters:    HPF 30 Hz - 4 KHz, LPF: 200 Hz - 200 KHz
 Threshold:    Variable from -50 dBu to +20 dBu
 Attack time:    (AUTO Mode) Program Dependent
 (FAST Mode) T < 100 uS
 Release time:    Variable from 10 ms to 2 sec
 Range:    SHUT state attenuation 80 dB / 20 dB
 Mains supply :    User selectable 115 / 230 VAC ±12%,
 50 - 60 Hz / 20 VA
 CMRR:    Breater than 65dB, 20Hz - 20 KHz
 Dimension:    483x44x160mm
 Optional accessories:    Plastic or metal (key protected) security covers